How Much Do You Know about Video Game Industry?

Video games have got ahead since the time of Frogger and Pac-Man, so have those who play them. Nowadays, players of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy a multitude of different video games like Assasin’s Creed and similar to it games. In the case of a young player audience, parents should only make sure that the games their children play are age-appropriate. However, the army of gaming fans consists not only of kids.

Game Industry in Numbers

According to the latest statistics, over 36.4 million people aged 6-64 play games in the U.K., which is 57% of the whole country’s population. Specifically, the most active and addictive players among women is 44 years old, and at the same time the man are usually fond of games are 36-37 years old. In terms of timing, approximately 8.9 hours per week are spent on gaming by the average 11-64 old player. This means that a gaming activity consumes around 7.96 billion hours per year.

By the way one of the most popular games in UK is 40 Super Hot slot machine offered by this link, the U.K. is considered the leading country in terms of the popularity of video games among its population. The nation is followed by Germany, France, and Spain respectively to their places in the rating.

Regarding the consumer revenues, United Kingdom is considered to take the 7th place among the most valuable video gaming markets, just after China (1st), the U.S.A., South Korea, Japan, and Germany. The whole country’s industry is worth approximately £4.2 billion in consumer spend (2015), which is bigger that the same figure of 2014 (£3.94 billion).

Interesting, 61% of all the U.K. players spend money on video games with an average investment being estimated at $160 like in the game about 40 Super Hot. On the other side, the U.K. gaming industry generates £2 billion revenue in sales each year, which makes the country the leading investment destination for overseas games companies. China, the U.S.A., and Japan are the top target markets for the U.K. gaming developers.

People are so passionate about gaming nowadays so that they take different courses and even get a specialized education on it. More than 60 universities and colleges throughout the U.K. provide over 210 undergraduate and almost 50 master video game courses. Among them, there is Staffordshire University, University of East London, and Sheffield Hallam University.

Evidently from the above statistics, United Kingdom has a long history of video game industry. What is more, its global video game market is expected to grow from $91.8 billion in 2015 to a total of $118.6 billion by the end of 2019.

Benefits of Playing Computer Games

Considering the average age of a gamer, which is 35, the video game industry is becoming “old” with “greying” players taking part in it. So what are the benefits of video game industry that make these mature people spend their time on it? Complex, challenging, and ambitious – all these may be referred to a modern video game, which not only entertains a player but also improves his hand-eye coordination and develops his analytical thinking skills. But let’s go in detail here.

  • Produce Good Surgeons
    While you may think that proficient surgeons read specialized articles and books to become pros in what they do, the recent statistics show that doctors who play video games at least 3 hours per week make 32% less errors than their non-gaming counterparts.
  • Improve Your Vision
    Parents teach us not to seat to close to the television/ PC monitor. However, the latest scientific study has proved that 3 months of play improved the ability of a player to discern between various shades of grey.
  • Make Kids Physical
    Owing to the fact that most modern video games promote whole-body interaction, they can lead to a physical activity close to the one experienced while playing tennis and basketball.
  • Slow Aging Process
    Video games that involve problem-solving, puzzle components, and memory, also referred to as “brain games,” have been proved to have a positive effect on aged players. They lead to enhanced cognitive functioning in gamers of 55 and older.
  • Help Easy Pain
    When paying attention to something else, a person distracts himself from pain. Therefore, games are a helpful post-injury prescription since they can produce a pain-killing reaction in our high cortical systems.
  • Help Make Faster Decisions
    Due to the fact that new information is continuously being displayed during gameplay, gamers have to adapt fast. This stimulates them to retrieve these data and react in a split second, promoting the ability to make quick decisions.
  • Video Games Reduce Stress
    A major research that tracked gamers over 6 months and controlled their heart rate proved that some titles reduced the adrenaline response by more than 50%, which indicates that video games make people stress-resistant.

So play or not to play? The majority of the worldwide population has already said “yes” to video games, as it is evident from the above statistics. And it is not for a case since a gaming activity has a good influence on our brain activity, physical condition, and emotional state.

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  1. Cheater95 says:

    I’m F**cking don’t inderstand why the Assassins Creed isn’t in the statistics???
    WHY!? At last this site renewed matherial about video gaming in a whole. thx

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