Lucy Stillman

Lucy Stillman, of Assassin’s Creed, is a scientist working for Abstergo Industries. She helps Dr. Vidic in the research of Altair. She is modelled after and voiced by Kristen Bell.

Not much is known about Lucy’s at the start of the game, although it can be assumed that she is not as cold hearted a person as Dr. Vidic is. She frequently stops Desmond from using the Animus for prolonged periods of time, because she says it can strain the body severely if used for too long. She is also generally warmer in personality than Dr. Vidic and is generally nicer to Desmond, allowing him a bit more freedom than Dr. Vidic Does, even to the point of allowing him to use her computer once.

Ubisoft, the creator’s of Assassin’s Creed, modelled Lucy almost identically to Kristen Bell. Take a look at the hair and beauty marks. I mean, the real version of her is way hotter then the pixellated one, but still I think they did an awesome job.

lucy stillman

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  1. Ananias says:

    She’s the most beautiful

    lejos la mujer mas lind que he visto en mi vida

    I love her!!!

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