Assassin’s Creed Stealth Mode

I was browsing some Assassin’s Creed forums and came across a post that was a major gripe about the stealth mode in Assassin’s Creed. Basically the gamer was upset that stealth mode wasn’t stealthy enough and that you can pretty much do anything without being caught. I’ll let you read it for yourself. Let me know what you think.

You’d think the company who made Splinter Cell would know SOMETHING about stealth games. The stealth (a major part of assassination in my mind) in this game was a joke. The “suspicious guards” didnt care that i was climbing walls at all, which was what I hear ubisoft claim. “you need to hide in the crowd, and do socially acceptable things.” Even those darn lepers pushing you into the guards never mattered. I can assassinate a guard in the middle of 5 other ones and no one notices until i kill 2 more.

I really think the “social stealth” idea was awesome. But as it turns out… you walk into a group of scholars, press A, and so long as you dont kill anyone in front of a guard you can call it good. Make the crowds more concealing, so that you can actually hide in them, make the social impact of your actions relevant like you pretend. It wouldve been much cooler. Also I wouldn’t have minded seeing some night mission’s incorporating stealth as well (a reason for the black outfit I want. I actually think the white one is more badass though, i just want choice!).

As far as social acceptability for walking around with 20 knives and 2 swords strapped on your back…. I can’t even say anything.

I wouldve made a weapon selection menu at the beginning of each mission at Masayaf with two meters. One indicating combat ability, the other, social stealth, or suspicion.

You could pick which weapons to bring, including unlockable new ones (ie. the small crossbow, a full long bow, ect.)
The more weapons you bring, the more guards pay attention to you. You are more capable in combat with throwing knives, a bow, and the longsword, but at the same time, your stealth goes down, its much harder to hide in a crowd, ect.

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  2. ravage says:

    this might actually be not such a bad idea. The weapon selection menu would be nice BUT brings along yet again a menu or something and a lot more programming of AI i think to make the people recognize different weapons and react differently every time… wouldnt it? :)

  3. adam noble says:

    i reckon it should of had weapon selections in every assassins beaurau but it is up 2 you to unlock them and find ammo for them through pick pocketing..the stealth
    meter is a good idea.and it’l be more real if you had a suspicion meter as well because as an assassin should he should be cautious as well as stealthy..if you are being watched and you have been seen pickpocketing or something then you will become suspicious.the higher the suspicion the less stealthy.and then you will be losing points..just another thing to balance the stealth meter.

  4. electropriest says:

    I agree there! I used to get concerned when the stealth icon started flashing red and yellow and beeping in the cities and press A. Then I noticed that if I kep walking it made no difference anyway. As long as you aren’t milling around near a body you’re pretty right. Walking past an alert guard is one thng, but being able to crash tackle suspicious guards and knocking down jar bearers with impunity stretches credulity.

  5. assassiner says:

    i agree i mean if you go and blend with scholars the guards dont even notice thatt unlike the scholars you have wepons! hey look at him hes wearing a white hoodie near some scholars he must be one even though he has wepons all over him

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  7. oak doors says:

    oak doors…

    Assassin?s Creed Stealth Mode – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, 1…

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