Assassin’s Creed Patch

Those of you playing Assassin’s Creed on the PC probably noticed a small patch download/install in the recent days. Ubisoft had been promising all the Assassin’s Creed gamers a new patch that would fix the graphical bugs and it looks like they help true to their promise.

Here is a list of everything the patch fixed:
- Fixed a rare crash while riding the horse in Kingdom
- Fixed a corruption of Altair’s robe on certain graphics hardware
- Cursor is now centered when accessing the Map
- Fixed a few problems with Alt-Tab
- Fixed a graphical bug in the final fight
- Fixed a few graphical problems with dead bodies
- Fixed pixellation with post-FX enabled on certain graphics hardware
- Fixed a small bug in the DNA Menu that would cause the image to disappear if the arrow was clicked rapidly
- Fixed some graphical corruption in Present Room with low Level Of Detail
- Character input is now canceled if the controller is unplugged while moving
- Added support for x64 versions of Windows
- Fixed broken post-effects on DirectX 10.1 enabled cards

Unfortunately, those of you with DirectX 10.1 installed are out of luck. You’ll have to revert backwards. But the removal of DirectX 10.1 was a good thing because it allowed for better performance of Assassin’s Creed.

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3 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed Patch”

  1. Benjamin Dionysus says:

    For me, this patch has made the game almost unplayably fast–has this happened to anyone else? I mean, speed increases are great and all, but this is much too quick!

  2. Haven says:

    I don’t feel that it’s too quick. Have you checked your video settings?

  3. ale says:

    hello: I have problems but to play the game. everything it’s okay, and aparently my computer is better than what this game needs. but after the whole installation, a pres on play, and what it does is to go in the update, and I downloaded but after window give me a problem: this “ubi8BBC.tmp.exe” aparently is nos compatible with my window vista and my windows vista is the x64 one, which it should work acording to that update, and also it apear that the computer tries to find something that is “v1.00″ and it saids that it can just find the “v1.02″ which is this new update.
    do you have any idea what is going on.

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