Assassin’s Creed: No Subtitles

Do you think the lack of subtitles in Assassin’s Creed hurts the gameplay? While Assassin’s Creed is not a true RPG, it does have RPG elements and most role playing games (such as Bioware’s Mass Effect) offer an option for subtitles. Subtitles are not only for deaf people, but can be beneficial to people who like to get into the story. Sometimes it’s easier to read than to hear, or maybe for some reason you can’t play your game with sound.

A quick Google search revealed that developers said that subtitle was removed due to new game engine and multiple people talking at same time but I think that they’re pretty weak excuses as you could easily program the game to only display subtitle during cut-scenes & important moments.

Of course there are memory logs to display information in case you forget, but those aren’t always helpful. The main purpose for subtitles is so you can better follow the game and enjoy the experience if there is something else going on in the house. This isn’t an action packed game like H3 Online where you don’t need sound. There is a complex story to Assassin’s Creed. Try playing it on mute for a few minutes and see how well you do.

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5 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed: No Subtitles”

  1. Haree says:

    Yup…I agree with you 100%. A game with complex storyline like Assassin’s Creed must have subtitles. Without the subtitles, i need to concentrate a lot to understand the storyline. It really hurts the gameplay. The excuses of the developers are sure very lame. GTA IV have multiple people talking at the same time, but they still manage to insert subtitles in the cut-scenes.

  2. Kevin says:

    I believe you are absolutely correct with the developers idiotic excuses. My speakers broke and I have to play with no sound, it is very frustrating when I do not know what to do and I have to just guess what to do. But when I am stuck, I have to pause the game and go into the memory log, this is also very annoying. But what is very stupid how almost every other game has subtitles except for this game. And I find it quite distracting without subtitles.

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