Assassins Creed Official Site Launched

Ubi has just launched the official website for Assassin’s Creed. Check it out: Assassins Creed Website

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7 Responses to “Assassins Creed Official Site Launched”

  1. Karali Ewasiuk says:

    Oh wow. I will die if I don’t get this game! And an official website means that the game is coming out soon! I love you guys, and I love this game! (and its not even out yet!)

    You guys rule. :D

  2. Haseeb Kamran says:

    Hi I Play The Game Its Damn Nice Game But After m applying the patch the game still have a rare error while entering in the kingdom

  3. matthew says:

    love this game

  4. darx says:

    fags i already beat it

  5. gangsta says:

    cool game i finished it all but new i want to get assassins creed 2

  6. Steele says:

    ijust want it to be out befor march so i for free
    and anyone who douts the second one is a moron and should get a life that knows a good game when thay see one the game was the bets game i have ever played and the story line was awmazing good job for Ubi

  7. sarathkumar says:

    assasin creed is the best game which ihad ever played .it had stolen my hearts .i also wish to be come an assasin like Ezio & altair.i am waiting for next relaese of ac assasin’screed3.i wish to become apart of the game.

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