Assassin’s Creed Combat Tips

Gamers are always looking for tips on how to improve their skills. In this post I wanted to give you a couple of Assassin’s Creed combat tips to help you become the ultimate assassin.

Hidden blade counters – If u counter while using the hidden blade you will get an instant kill against any target. This works wonders against those annoying guards.

Quick attacks and slow attacks – If you attack a guard when you are closer to him than you will perform a faster attack than if you had attacked from farther away. The trick is to sneak up on a guard to get that quick strike.

Power attack – If you make a powerful attack (hold attack button) from far away than your attack will be stronger and might break through the defense of a common guard. It has a higher chance of hitting.

Side dodge – This is a fun tip if you don’t like just standing there taking a beating. You can dodge to the sides and not just backwards. I think it may be slightly faster when attacking.

If you have any cool combat tips, please be sure to comment on this post and share!

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15 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed Combat Tips”

  1. Arleas says:

    Two ways to kill rooftop archers:

    1) Throwing knives allow you to remove archers that threaten access to view points and assassination targets. Also, their bodies sometimes fall of the edge, creating a distraction.

  2. Arleas says:

    2) Run towards the guard with the hidden blade equipped. When close, hit the attack button and he’ll leap through the air, driving the blade into their neck and instantly killing them.

    Archers are always isolated, so no one is wiser, plus it saves a throwing knife.

  3. PJMack says:

    I found out a useful way to nab an easy counter-attack if you aren’t as watchful when trying to catch the gaurds swinging at you. Take a swing at the gaurds then hold the block button down. (I have it for 360 so it’s RT for me) Continue to attack the gaurds, and notice that even though the block button is being held down, you aren’t stopping your attacks. However, when a gaurd does attempt to attack you may still counter-attack, as long as you keep attacking relentlessly. This may not work all of the time because the gaurds can still attack in between your strikes.

    If you didn’t quite get the combination then just attack once, then hold block and keep attacking to get a cheap counter.

  4. James says:

    I just got assassins creed, my 1st console game. =) When i perform counter moves, is it only for the highlighted opponent? how do i use counter move against another guard attacking me from behind me when im sword fighting another guard?

  5. everettmarm says:

    You can counter against another guard if, when you press the attack button as they reach back to strike, you also press the directional stick in their direction.

  6. ER1C0 5U4VE says:

    i’m playing through #1 again before i start #2.
    i recall that when i first played it there was a defensive move in which you could roll away while in the defensive position. for the life of me, i can’t remember how to do this. does anybody know?

  7. mab2145 says:

    Im finding it immposible to do combos while fighting several guards at the same time: By the time I press attack the second time, another enemy has already hit me. I can do combos perfectly in the training ring, but I can never get the timing right when fighting soldiers, even if it’s only one.

    Any help???

  8. Typhus the Traveller says:

    Sometimes you fight those pansy guards that when you do some very “brutal” counters they will run away, if you have them highlighted you can always make a quick switch to the short blade and throw a knife at them. I always like that one. uhh The “defensive” roll i have never seen that, you might want to look at youtube vids or something. And when i want to do one of those combos where you dont wait for the guards to attack you i think (im playing on pc) but the times that i have gotten them i realized that i was attacking a guard, or whoever and i double tapped my attack button and i got that short little cutscene where altair does a combo on him. I’ve also done one where i dude a defense break and then i slapped the guys face and he spun then i shoved my sword up his ass in a small cutscene as well, but idk how i did that, i guess maybe it was a double tap on the attack button. Either way it would be nice if someone could make a post telling us about it.

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  11. tee kay says:

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  14. Michael F. says:

    for the defensive roll in AC2 while running towards gaurds press the empty hand button & you’ll roll

  15. Gaynelle says:

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