Will You Replay AC1 and AC2?

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood will be here before you know it – November 2010 launch. Do you feel the need to freshen up on your Assassin’s Creed skills and knowledge before Brotherhood is released? Altair won’t be in AC Brotherhood, but it is still fun to replay where the franchise began. How many times have you replayed AC1 and AC2? How many times will you play them again before Brotherhood is launched?

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31 Responses to “Will You Replay AC1 and AC2?”

  1. GoDzAssassiN- says:

    i had played ac1 once and wished i nvr had played it,the game is decent but i just hate the mission system u have to do the samething for every mission i mean common! but ac2, i have beat it 3 times once on ps3 and twice on pc i plan on beating it again all hail the brotherhood!

  2. tehMuffinMan says:

    I plan on completing AC2 again on the PS3

  3. Static says:

    Already played AC2 two times, AC1 is kinda boring to tell the truth so no, ^^
    Waiting for Brotherhooddddd!!!

  4. thats what im doing now,,,,,,

  5. dallasink326 says:

    i beat ACI about fifteen damn times, believe it or not. i went through ACII almost four times, including the DLC. i got the AC brotherhood beta last night, and, i’m tellin ya, it kicks fucking ass. and you only have two game modes and eight characters. i heard there will be a fifteen character roster eventually. plus more game modes. this game is so intense cuz you have no idea when someone is gonna pop out and slice ur throat. cool point system with bonuses based on how well you did, overall, not just amount of kills(xt points for, most kills, fewest deaths, no deaths, best kill death ratio, etc…) this game is amzing. game of the year i’d bet. fuck halo.

  6. rpgtitles says:

    Probably not due on ACI to the fact there is just so much entertainment one can get out of one game. AC2 seems to hold my attention more.

  7. jakers11 says:

    Yeah, i just beat AC2 100% starting AC1 tomorrow after school. ive beat both before though

  8. i like this game & already played AC2 three times

  9. James Gowan says:

    I suppose I lucked out. As a Wii owner, instated noticing a game called Assassin’s Creed and it got me interested in perhaps getting a high-def game machine. Finally, when I saw game video of Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia FORGOTTEN SANDS, I knew I had to make the jump (as I’ve always loved that series). I decided to wait until after E3 thisbjust on the off chance that some news would come out that either would allow me a better price, a better game bundle or an altogether new machine. Microsoft came through with The Slim 360. So, when I bought the system, I picked up AC1 and was thrilled to see AC2 there as well. This was June ’10. Played through POP for both the Wii and XBox and then started AC1. Just finished AC2 a couple of days ago!

    It was a great to come on board! I’ve got the Special Edition on order along with the hardback strat guide. I don’t use the guides much at all, but they’re fun to thumb through after the fact!

  10. tehMuffinMan says:

    Get it together man, 3 months since your last entry.

  11. Ezio Auditore says:

    Wow this site died out…

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  14. call Turkey says:

    I will definitely replay AC1 and 2 … I’ve already done it a few times …
    but hey, who cares? The game is worth playing…

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  17. I already replayed AC1 and AC2 over the past couple months. Just purchased brotherhood and CANNOT wait to dive into it!

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  21. Skiper says:

    Yes! I’ve just finished the first one :)

  22. Ajay says:

    have played both twice.. playing 1 again as its been a long time:) i’m waiting for PC release of AC Brotherhood. if i grow outta patience i’ll be getting a pS….thumbs down UBI!!!

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  24. ... says:

    Playing AC II for the second time. I had AC I earlier but I never finished it, cuz I got tired of doing the same thing all the time.

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  27. I’ve played twice AC1 and hope to play AC2 for the first time.

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  29. r4 says:

    I will reply AC1.

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