New Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Weapons

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood not only has a new slew of characters and a whole new multiplayer mode attached to it, but there are also several new weapons we get to play with, including the crossbow and poison darts. Are you excited about the new weapons we have available? Will you want to use them exclusively?

Here’s a list of the weapons available in AC Brotherhood:


- Longswords
- Crossbow
- Double Hidden Blades
- Poison Darts
- Hidden Gun(s)
- Spears, Halberds and Pikes
- Throwing Knives
- Warhammers and Maces
- Calivers
- Wheellock Pistols
- Axes


- Axe – used by the Executioner.
- Fan – used by the Courtesan.
- Syringe – used by the Doctor.
- Dagger – used by the Priest, Harlequin and Officer.
- Switchblade – used by the Hunter.
- Claw – used by the Banker.
- Razor – used by the Barber.
- Hidden Gun (used as an ability)
- Smoke Bomb (used as an ability)
- Throwing Knives (used as an ability)

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5 Responses to “New Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Weapons”

  1. tehMuffinMan says:

    Longswords, Poison Darts, Wheellock Pistols, Crossbow?

    I’ll be right back, just pre ordering the game.

  2. assassin'screedfanboy says:

    yeah i agree with tehmuffinman, brb just pre-ordering… ok now I feel better.

  3. Andrew says:

    Does anyone know when you unlock the spear in single player?

  4. Bmaster says:

    Andrew you cant unlock the spear it is unavaliable.

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