Get Brotherhood Beta With A GameStop Preorder

Ubisoft & GameStop have signed another agreement that allows GameStop to be to exclusive provider for the early multiplayer beta launch. A few months ago we announced that you could unlock Harlequin by preordering Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood at GameStop, well now PS3 owners have another reason to buy there.

I think a preorder will only run you $5, so you may as well do it and then if for some reason you have to cancel down the road you’ll only be out $5 – but at least you will have had access to multiplayer in September. A limited number of beta tokens will be distributed by GameStop on a first-come, first-served basis starting on August 9. Players who have already preordered the game can bring in their receipts to grab a token.

What do you think of game developers signing exclusive deals with retailers? I’m not sure I like it – I mean, if you live out in the country and the nearest GameStop is 100 miles away are you any less deserving of getting the multiplayer beta than someone who lives in New York City?

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4 Responses to “Get Brotherhood Beta With A GameStop Preorder”

  1. tehMuffinMan says:


  2. Dallas says:

    i elieve the beta code was available if you reserved it on gamestop online as well. and they will deliver the morning the game comes out as well. problem solved if for some reason you live in montana or idaho, 100 miles from a gamestop

  3. admit says:

    Noooooooooo! I think so.

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