Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Achievements

We don’t know the official list of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood achievements yet, but people are speculating (or creating a wishlist) of what some of them might be. I found a few of these on the internet, they definitely seem likely to be in the game:

Ciao Roma- go to Rome

The Fall- destroy a siege tower

All roads lead to Rome – All viewpoints

Sweeney – first kill as Barber

Up Up and Away – Use a merchandise lift

Boom Boom Pow – Get (amount) kills with the cannon

Modern times, Medieval Weapons – Kill (amount) riflemen with a blade or arrow.

The Brotherhood – Max out all members of the brotherhood

Are there any achievements you’d like to see in the game? Post a comment with the name of the achievement and what it would take to earn it.

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15 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Achievements”

  1. tehMuffinMan says:

    Long Distance Jumper – Free run on buildings across a city.

  2. TheAnnoyingFrog says:

    Enemy of the church – Kill the pope (Rodrigo Borgia) and his family.

    Bulls eye – Get (amount) kils by tosing axes.

    Army of two – hire your first nemner for the brotherhood.

    Jack of all trades – Get atleast one kill as eatch of the multiplayer characters

  3. EzioFanatic says:

    Animus 3.0 – Enter the animus 3.0
    Templar Training – complete 1 multiplayer match
    Personal Armory – acquire all weapons in the game
    No, all my work – Watch your villa get destroyed by the Borgia

  4. TheBladeInTheCrowd says:

    Rome was not Re-built in a Day – complete all reovations in Rome
    My Job was done for me – Order the death of (amount) gurds using your Assassins.

  5. The_Nameless_Assasin says:

    Where to next?- Have your assasins complete a contract in each of the cities.

  6. ToxicDude1993 says:

    So Many Choices – Kill a quard with every weapon

  7. jordin says:

    fight off 10 guards alone without being hit

  8. Carl says:

    Relax…I’m a doctor – first kill as doctor
    The first desciple – recruit your first assassin
    Variety is the perfect weapon – perform an extraordinary feat which results in a kill

  9. GaNdAlF tHe BlAcK says:

    15 hit wonder – kill 15 enemies in one combo string
    Death from above – jump off a building, utilize you parachute and assassinate an enemy
    The sanctuary – Arrivce at Monteriggioni as Desmond
    Complete a Hidden location
    a TRUE artist – aquire all weapon upgrades from Leonardo
    Uh… I didn’t do it – destroy all of Leonardo’s creations for the Borgia
    The Grand Master – Achieve 100% synchronisation with Ezio
    The Devil’s Dozen – send a total of 13 recruits for Niccolo to train

  10. morris says:

    soul smuggler- first kill with the smuggler
    just doing my job- first kill with the executioner
    horse on the loose- kil 5 people will riding the horse in rome
    pinned- the an axe at some1 that is against a wall
    recruitment- recruit an assassin to be
    of to rome- enter rome
    from london to lisbon- send at least 3 asassins to lond then to lisbon

  11. jinzo619 says:

    watch ya back- survive an entire multiplayer game without gettin assassinated

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  13. Atax says:

    Skydie-fall 40 or more feet to your death -secret-

    Is it a bird?-use Leonardo’s flying contraption again.

    Return of the Dead-Speak with subject 16.

    Bloodthirsty-kill (high amount) of Rome sodiers.

    How many times have i told you?- dodge an attack of a single enemy (amount) times.

    Have you heard?-return as Ezio Auditore

    What goes up- kill an enemy on a ladder.

    Must come down-Shove an enemy off a roof to his death.

    Funs a must-buy your first group of courtesons.

    No second chances-Kill the pope.

  14. Derrick EVIL says:

    The Secret of the Creed – 200000G – Run around like a chicken for an hour then take the disc out snap it then give one half to someone else, put the snapped discs in you and your friends X-Box’s at the same time (there should be a screen saying ‘Ezio bummed Altäir’ which you then type ‘can i join in’) play a multiplayer game, kill each other at the same time then go to heaven and kill God. The Devil should come and thank you then tell you that ketchup is made out of PENCIL’S!. :O Ó.Ò I know i was suprised aswell.

  15. TheFootpad says:

    Howling at the moon- Kill all of the followers of Romulous without bieng hurt

    Finish ‘em Etzio- Kill all of the Borgian Captians

    The Napalm Strike- Ingnite all of the Borgian towers

    Ka_Boom- Destroy all of the Borgian Cannons in(ammount) of shots

    Good Joke- Get 10 kills with the Harlequin

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