Ubisoft Tries To Make Things Right

Are you an Assassin’s Creed 2 PC owner? If you are then we definitely know how you feel about all the DRM issues and server down time. Ubisoft has made gaming on the PC a terrible user experience. Well now, it was reported that they are trying to smooth things over with their customers by offering out free stuff. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Gamers are being offered the choice of Endwar, Heroes over Europe, Prince of Persia and HAWX. Those who own the regular edition of AC2 will get the DLC included in the Black Edition of the game for free.

It’s definitely nice of them to offer a free game as a make up for all their issues, but is it enough? Is a free game something a frustrated customer wants? I think most people would be happy if Ubisoft just fixed the problem and maybe gave people $10 back or 10% off their next purchase.

What do you think of the offering?

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4 Responses to “Ubisoft Tries To Make Things Right”

  1. Alex says:

    A better offer would be a promise to remove DRM from all future releases.

    The bottom line is that there will never be any form of DRM to truely live up to the job of securing software from illegitamate use.

    If there is a cracker with a will then there is software to be altered, and there are many, many crackers.

    DRM works only to antagonise the people that make genuine purchases! If somebody wants to obtain a cracked version they are there and always will be. It is also a waste of time and resources on Ubisoft’s part, these would be better spent polishing off titles and making games epic.

    People buy games that reach out to them, that they have a hassle free, fun time playing. DRM = hassle + no fun

    A better alternative would be an unobtrusive banner in games that are detected as pirated, so friend A can make a copy of his game for friend B and friend B’s game has the banner for, say, not entering a valid serial. The banner would read something along the lines of “We spent a lot of time working to bring you the best gaming experience possible, If you enjoy this game please purchase a valid serial ””

    I would be so much more happy and confident buying this way after checking out the game at reasonable length, oppose to a rather short demo.

  2. Reno Tuomilehto says:

    “Those who own the regular edition of AC2 will get the DLC included in the Black Edition of the game for free.”

    Hmmm when this gonna happend? ;-)

    I have all my AC-games for PC even have PS3 because my PC have so much better grafik in picture and like it. PS3 can ever beat that so have wait all “extra” to the game what comes to PC.

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  4. karthik says:

    assassins creed is wonder ful game, this is real life but myth.
    raely super

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