Ubisoft Servers Suck

I feel hard for all you PC Gamers out there having to deal with Ubisoft’s crappy servers. If you bought Assassin’s Creed 2 on PC, odds are you’ve probably only played it for like 10 minutes because of constant server/DRM issues. Apparently people keep trying to hack the servers so they can play AC2 illegally, but while they’re doing that they bring all the servers down.

Ubisoft doesn’t even have a status update for gamers – so it’s like you boot up the game to play but then it keeps telling you “waiting to connect to Ubisoft server” and then it never connects.

It’s hilarious – not really – to go on the official AC2 forums and see everyone complaining about DRM and server issues. It just goes to show that Ubi is lacking in this department and no matter what scheme they come up with to fix this issue, it only makes things worse. Take note from companies like Infitinty Ward that run Modern Warfare 2 – never have issues playing that game offline or online.

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8 Responses to “Ubisoft Servers Suck”

  1. Andreas Elf says:

    If I only could understand what they where thinking with when they came up with this idea, forcing us to connect to their server just to play singleplayer.

    I hope somebody comes up with some sort of crack or server that can be run on the same machine as the game is installed on, so it thinks it is connected to their server and can then be run without a permanent internetconnection.

    Or if Ubisoft realices what they have done and gives us a patch that will fix this “bug”.

  2. aj says:

    Last time i’ll but a ubisoft product. Sorry

  3. Bledik says:

    You are an idiot if you think Infinity Ward and MW2 have no online issues, especially for PC gamers. They STILL can’t fix the problem of friends not being able to connect to the same game, the matchmaking system is a complete joke, and you have to reconnect to the system multiple times before entering a game.

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  8. METAFORE says:

    Better yet make the AC2 offline playable like AC1 before. Less problems and less hick-up. Actually if you trying to act so clever for improving the game security, you are actually in accident manner exposing your stupidity and incompetence. To eager of showing perfectness instead you are being imperfect. Do you ever think about this? Please don’t be a f**king idiot.

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