Assassins Creed 2: Jacopo de’ Pazzi glitch

Assassin’s Creed 2 is filled with glitches – in fact, I just saw one on Youtube of Ezio floating in mid air after coming back from a cut scene. I’ve posted several glitches on here in the past, which you can find in the archives. Here is another one I just saw that is from the Jacopo de’ Pazzi scene.

In the first clip I kill Jacopo normally, however while experimenting a bit more I accidentally killed him with my sword instead. His body lay there, i could loot him and carry his body but he was still whimpering away and I could not finish the mission. I guess this video could serve as a warning, don’t try kill him with a weapon other than the hidden blade or this happens. I also have a few other instances where the game will not let you finish, I may put them all in one video later on.

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  2. CptQwashi says:

    The weirdest glitch i have ever had happened 2 days ago.I had just completed the assassination of the farmer in the bonfire of the vanities dlc. Every time you kill a lieutenant it shows a cut scene of la volpe and the coutesan women, walking along with peasants following. When this cut scene occured i was in the procces of getting into a haystack, when the cut scene had finished, my camera was stuck in the haystack!!! I could move ezio anywhere but the camera was fixed in the haystack!!! It was hilarious, i navigated ezio through the streets using just my mini map, i was trying to get to a fast travel station to see if the camera would stay there even if i left the city, unfortunately i killed 3 civilians by accident, got de-synced, and stopped the glitch.

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