AC2 DLC: Battle of Forli

Today, gamers across the country are finally able to get their hands on a fresh piece of Assassin’s Creed 2. The official downloadable content is available in your online marketplace for $3.99. Initial reviews are pouring in – some positive, some negative. I’d quite reading here if you don’t want to be SPOILED!

First, I want to say that you shouldn’t expect too much from the DLC – it’s very short and only gives you about 1 hour of additional play time. The DLC is divided into six fast-fire Memories, each featuring a familiar challenge: a “beat the timer” rescue effort, an “escort” bit, a defensive “protect” battle, two assassinations, and a “capture the thief”-style endeavor.

Here’s a quick review video from IGN.

Basically what you’re getting here is another chance to jump back into the game. Most of you probably completed it in a day or two after purchase. With DLC, with get a revival. It’s not a new city, new characters, new enemies, or new weapons but it is still fun to run around as Ezio and assassinate some guards. There will be more DLC in the coming months, so let’s hope that they are more expansive.

What are your thoughts on Battle of Forli?

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2 Responses to “AC2 DLC: Battle of Forli”

  1. M3i says:

    This game was gorgeously done, everything the first game was trying to be.

  2. Somebody says:

    Man this DLC is false I bought the game and this part was incluid in and was just the game not a box or somothing else…For me this isn’t a DLC

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