Assassin’s Creed 2 iPod Touch Walkthrough

Learning to play a new game on an iPod Touch or iPhone can be difficult at times. Most of us skip right by the instructions section and jump right into the gameplay. Assassin’s Creed 2: Discovery on the iPod Touch and iPhone is a pretty easy game to get into, but gamers can still require the help of a walkthrough to get their feet wet.

This video is Part one of a series of walkthrough videos. It is a spoiler because they show you exactly what to do to get through the game. So don’t watch it if you want to try on your own. Come back next week for Part two.

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17 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed 2 iPod Touch Walkthrough”

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  2. KillerX3189 says:

    can youm ake a walkthrough for Rogue 2: The second theif chase. I had trouble with the first one until I found out there was a certain spot to go to. Can you tell me the spot (if there is one) for Theif/Rogue/Chase 2?
    The one with Cygnet

  3. Alexa32 says:

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  4. Panoszp says:

    Which is the right spot to go to in the first thief chase?

  5. Katie says:

    When going through Chasing the Thief….you have to stick to the rooftops. Once you get to the point of none….do not run up to the door because you cannot open it. Instead, jump onto the side of the building before that and climb up it to the rooftop. It may seem like she’s ahead of you….but in reality you will still beat her. You have to jump across all the rooftops. Once you get to where the arrow for your objective is pointing straight down, just jump into the opening. The cutscene will have you talk to her and get back your sword. And onto the next level

  6. Mark says:

    Thanx, Katie… your advise was a great help! :-) I was stuck for 3 hours… very frustrating.

  7. Norbert says:

    How do I take Ezio’s sword back from Rogue

  8. Eniola says:

    @katie thanx a lot iv been stuck on that stage for 3 days

  9. April says:

    So, the thief chases are very simple, always take the roof. You have to go a different way then her.

    Anyway, I’m on the last memory block, rescue Raphael Sanchez. It only gives you 4 minutes to kill most of those gigantic guards, and flick a switch. It takes forever to kill those guys. It’s a real challenge, because it takes about ! minute and 30 seconds to get where you need to be. You have to climb all the way down, then all the way back up, then all the way down again, Anyone know anyway to get this done?

  10. Greg says:

    thx… katie… it worded… i was stockd thr for days…. Greg

  11. Robert T Johson says:

    umm im at a level where ur suppose to jump from one area to the next over fire on a roof top by the time i get 2 the 3rd i die i cant seem to jump from one side of the roof to the other without jumping into the fire and dying ive been trying 2 do this for 3 days and its a little frusterating can someone help me please

  12. extreme says:

    @robertTjohson, ya the particular jump you r talking about is a bit difficult, the idea is to jump at the end, for the first roof a simple jump will do when
    You land on the second roof keep on running and hit the jump button when u reach almost the end and the assasin will do a long jump after landing on the third roof
    Keep on running and again jump just from the end and the assasin wil then perform a somersault to reach the final roof, a bit diificult but you will get there, keep in mind to jump
    Rit at the end

  13. Vinsanity38 says:

    Chasing Rogue thief took e a while too.

    Now I am stuck on entering Grenada City (Mem block 5, last step)…I have tried sprinting, I have tried all stealth and get found 4x almost every time. Thoughts on how to proceed after first checkpoint? Next step is down a shaft with three archers and often my journey stops here.

  14. Justin says:

    hi um I’m on the stage that u have to pretend you are a scholar and you have to kill the guards while they are alone I have no idea how…:(

  15. Mandela Addah says:

    Dear Video Game People:

    I need your help.

    I have an iPod and I enjoy playing the ASSASSINS CREED II game.

    For the longest time I have been stuck on the RACE THE CYGNET mission.

    In it I have to race the ROGUE woman a second time, but I can never beat her.

    Please tell me how? Thanks!

  16. Ineedhelp says:

    i need help. At the Chasing The Thief part. What do I do at the start of the part? Where do I jump? It seems as if the only way is the door? But I tried to get up on the upper part of the door and it worked. I went to the rooftop, and jumped. And when I reached the second obstacle, I can’t climb up to go to the rooftop. Because there’s a second floor there, which wouldn’t allow me to jump to the rooftop, If i did, i would fall straight to the floor. What should i do?

  17. says:…

    Assassin?s Creed 2 iPod Touch Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, 1 & 2…

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