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The Funeral Assassination

SPOILER ALERT! A lot of people have trouble with the last assassination at the funeral. It’s a tough kill to make and you’ll probably die 5 times just trying to figure things out. So I browsed the Assassin’s Creed forums and took some of the best tips for beating this part of the game. Here [...]

XTR Game Servers

I wanted to take some time to reach all of you PC gamers. I know Assassin’s Creed isn’t out on PC just yet, so I wanted to tell you about a service that provides Game Servers for you to play on. it’s a great way to play your favorite first person shooter games at ultra [...]

Altair Suicide

A view from the highest church in the game results in a suicide. I guess Altair couldn’t handle the wind blowing up so high. It’s a pretty funny video, but lacks quality because the guy is filming his TV.

More Assassin’s Creed Achievements

As promised here are more Xbox 360 Assassin’s Creed achievements. There are a lot of them, so be prepared to spend some time playing this game. I really give credit to anyone who has achieved all of this. You are truly a master of the game. Eagle’s Challenge – 20 points. Defeat 25 guards in [...]

Will we ever see Assassin’s Creed DLC

Assassin’s Creed has been out for several months now, and it’s a shame that many of the Assassin’s Creed fans have nothing left to do but play the same game over and over again. We’ve already seen other games, like Mass Effect, release Downloadable Content.. so why haven’t we heard of anything about Assassin’s Creed [...]

Beggars Are Annoying!

One of the most annoying aspects of Assassin’s Creed are the beggars. They’re freaking everywhere! You can’t walk through a city without having 20 beggars approach you asking for money. Sometimes I just want to take out my sword and murder them right on the spot. It especially pisses me off when I’m running away [...]

Assassin’s Creed Achievements For Xbox 360

All Xbox 360 games have achievements. By performing certain tasks in a game you can earn Achievement points and show off to your friends what you have accomplished. Assassin’s Creed has many achievements that Xbox 360 gamers should strive for. Below is a list of everything you can work for. If you thought you already [...]

Having Fun With a Horse

While browsing the Assassin’s Creed forum, I cam across a post by jason.mohr. He says that he did not put the horse there, and you can tell by the pictures that there are no areas from him to have jumped from to get the horse there. This poor horse is stuck at the top of [...]

Assassin’s Creed Combat Tips

Gamers are always looking for tips on how to improve their skills. In this post I wanted to give you a couple of Assassin’s Creed combat tips to help you become the ultimate assassin. Hidden blade counters – If u counter while using the hidden blade you will get an instant kill against any target. [...]

Assassin’s Creed PC Specs

One of the reasons a lot of gamers buy games for consoles is because they don’t have powerful enough computers to handle new games. Me being one of them. Who wants to buy a new graphics card and more RAM every time a game comes out? Assassin’s Creed will be a pretty graphic intense computer [...]

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