Archive for December, 2007

What is your favorite combo?

Today’s question is related to your favorite Assassin’s Creed battle combo. Do you use silent blade combos? Parries or Counter attacks? What’s the hardest combo you’ve tried? Click here for discussions.

So you finished Assassin’s Creed?

There are probably many of you who already finished Assassin’s Creed and you are probably wondering about the strange ending. Who is Subject Seventeen? Who is Lucy? What does the block of writing say? What does 12212012 mean? Yes, the end of the game may seem a little bit confusing and the guys over at [...]

Assassin’s Creed Stealth Video

For those of you that haven’t purchased Assassin’s Creed yet, here’s another reason to do so. The video bellow shows how you how you can assassinate someone in Stealth Mode:

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